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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The core of Vancouver's present day Chinatown is to be found within the area bounded by West & East Pender on the north, Union on the south, Carral on the west and Gore on the East. Not all structures contained therein relate to Chinatown nor are all older buildings. The structures on these pages are a comprehensive listing of those that remain from a prior period. The order in which they are presented duplicates the experience of taking a walking tour along the streets as indicated.

The street number is provided for the purpose of physical placements of the building. In most cases several numbers apply to the same building.
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115 E Pender St.
119 E Pender St.
123 E Pender St.

124 E Pender St.
129 E Pender St.
135 E Pender St.

137 E Pender St.
147 E Pender St.
158 E Pender St.

168 E Pender St.
188 E Pender St.
200 E Pender St.

228 E Pender St.
236 E Pender St.
244 E Pender St.

255 E Pender St.
258 E Pender St.

263 E Pender St.
269 E Pender St.

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Pender Street
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